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Archived Build/Patch Notes

Here I will list all changes (minus ones I forget to log!). The very last reply will always be a list of what will be in the next version so far updated live as I work!

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- Added tech for custom room properties which open up the possibility for game modes etc.
- Added "Duels" mode
- Added key for Challenge (no icon as of now)
- Completed Lobby for creation of rooms and mode selection
- Reduced stamina drain when blocking by 66%
- Fixed many bugs with lobby
- Added visual feedback to accompany scream on successful melee hits
- Fixed ID player update speed being too slow



-Fixed bug with avatar pedestal not rotating properly
-Fixed bug with avatar where disabled ornament groups would show as enabled
-Fixed AOE hit sounds being dinged on receivers instead of casters
-Fixed some readout errors on leaderboard, and fixed ordering, it was backwards
-Fixed some bugs with avatar color picker
-Fixed not being able to see when other players block
-Fixed menu fades and bloody screen not filling entire screen on some resolutions
-Fixed bug with fall damage not computing when in GUI mode
-Fixed projectiles not exploding against objects other than ground and trees
-Fixed lightning ball sound being blown out at the high end
-Fixed melee hits not correctly assigning who is hit for system messages
-Fixed some sound positioning to minimize the "wah-wah-wah"
-Fixed some spell casting effects/positions
-Fixed day/night cycle, which was resetting after every death client-side


-Finished implementing the basics for the lobby, joining password protected rooms, creating new rooms and the ground work for maps/mode selection
-Reduced network traffic - I was RPCing some sounds that didn't need to be, causing more packets than necessary.
-Added scream to successful melee hits
-Retooled cooldown visual updates to be more performance-minded.
-Added a smaller skill icon which will reflect the status of your currently selected skill
-Added a death sound (could be buggy)
-Implemented admin system / permissions.
-Implemented admin commands kick and ban.
-Exposed unique user ID in the top left corner when you target another player, which will never change even if you change your name. This ID can also be seen in the Account menu.
-Game will remember your last used camera now
-First person view will now hide your head/hair/hat (locally only of course) so any instances where you would "see the back of your head" will no longer exist
-Added ability to screen shake on big impacts/explosions, it will be an attribute of skills
-Reworked skill selecting to minimize network traffic involved (AKA if you already have the spell selected, it won't select it again, hence not create more network traffic)
-Reworked some skill effects, including dirtball and lightning ball
-Added more ornament groups, plus some heads/hairs to avatar. More to come, of course.
-Major overhaul on keybinding, added full support for all modifiers with gracefully handled edge cases.
-Increased sound of footsteps a bit
-Quality and Vsync changes are reflected in system messages
-Some placeholder skill descriptions in keybinding area


-Fall damage won't kill you anymore
-Lowered forward speed from 4 to 3.5
-Lowered strafe speed from 3 to 2.5
-Lowered jump strength from 6 to 5.5
-Reduced cooldown on transfers from 8 to 7
-Reduced casting time on transfers from 1.25 to 0.75


-Updated Kii API to v2.5
-Updated Photon to v1.50.1



-Fixed Lightning Strike having no killshot message along with other errors
-Fixed chat and system not displaying rich text (i.e. color codes)
-Fix for huge Moon/Sun (this was only happening in compiled builds, oddly)
-Fixed ID flicker and other problems regarding it
-Fixed several problems with projectile and ray system messages, shooter and hit information was not being delivered in all cases. The next step will be a refactoring of all system messages to make them more uniform.
-Fixed being able to move and activate things in GUI mode
-Fixed an issue that was preventing skill queueing. (FYI: you can queue your next spell by selecting it while you are casting/holding a first. When the first skill is done activating, the second one will automatically be selected (and activated if you have it on autocast) This alleviates trying to time the selecting your next spell (after the one your activating/casting is done), and minimizes the instances where you try to activate your next skill only to find out you never actually successfully selected it. When you have a spell queued, you will see a blue circle around it.)
-Fixed some fullscreen/windowed mode switching bugs on the resolution switcher menu.
-Skill icons should now grid appropriately no matter what resolution or size the icons are. (windowed mode at strange resolutions still may have some issues with this)
-Fixed bug where room would drop off the room list and not come back


-Basic cloud-based leaderboard is now enabled, and will save kills, deaths and calculate KDR across all games.
-Shifted the day/night cycle by 3 hours. Now it starts to get light 3 hours earlier (3am-9am), and starts to get dark 3 hours earlier (3pm-9pm), for a more natural transition overall.
-Added Quit button
-Added a Reset windows button which will delete saved window positions (must restart) incase you lost one
-Enabled only one login per account at a time


I'm making these changes based on no particular feedback, but I've been meaning to do it for a while, so I went back and re-evaluated player movement values.

-Lowered move forward speed from 5.5 to 4
-Lowered strafe speed from 4.5 to 3
-Lowered back peddle speed from 3.5 to 2
-Lowered influential speed in air from 2 to 1
-Lowered jump strength from 7 to 6
-Decreased gravity from 15 to 9.8

The main motivator for making these changes was to remove the remaining reminisce of that "Arena FPS"-ish feel I still felt like it had a bit of. Overall, give the players a more tactile feel to them, for lack of a better term. These changes will also effect knockups, as they won't be such a quick up and down (heck you might even be able to knock-up then ray). This will also change trajectory on arc spells (flameblast actually shoots a bit now!), and the change to influential speed in air combined with lower movement speeds should make HotAir a more effective CC (since you won't be able to just drift out of it so easily).


- Revamped projectile/ray location instantiation, it should be much better now all around (I hope).
- LightningStrike casting effect height cut in half so it doesn't block your view as much
- New particle texture for LightningStrike casting and ray effect.
- New particle texture for Dirtball casting, projectile and hit effect.
- Raised global ambient light from black to RGB 32, should help with the blackness of the night

- new Skill Icon Options box, where you can control the size and alpha of all skill icons, show/hide keybinds, switch cooldown between outer ring/inner, and also toggle between a few predefined layouts.
- Removed per-icon control of alpha and scale
- Skill icon grid now changes to match current scale size (of your icons)
- Rebuilt message boxes, both chat and system now support multi-line
- Further cleaned up chat activation / deactivation

- Implemented cloud version check on start-up. This means the game will now do a version check, and only allow you to login in if it's the latest. It also means I can now offer stand-alone versions without having to worry about old versions floating around (not really a concern at this time, but it could be down the line). Generally speaking, the stand-alone version is just better than running it in your already bloated, memory-hog of a web browser. You can also switch resolutions and such.



-Fixed chat activating in play mode, and also having your guy respond to the input. Now input is completely disabled except when paused.
-Made a change to Lightning Ball projectile sound, it was "breaking apart", I think because it moves so fast. We'll see if it had any effect.
-PageUp and PageDown were both Pagedown in the keybinding icon overlay graphics
-Fixed still registering tick damage after death
-Fixed still registering fall damage after death
-Fixed placement of Remember button on login

Skill changes

-Skill Rehab cooldown has been increased from 10 to 45. Was never meant to be 10, I just forgot to change it after testing. Decrease mana cost from 25 to 20, added stamina cost of 5. Decreased health ticks from 7.5 to 6. Increased stamina and mana ticks from 4 to 5.
-Skill Nor'Easter mana drain tick has been reduced from 30 to 10, and stamina drain from 20 to 10. Health stayed 10. Decreased mana cost from 30 to 20, added stamina cost of 5
-Skill Flameblast damage increased from 55 to 65 (direct hit)
-Skill HotAir mana cost reduced from 25 to 20, added stamina cost of 5
-Skill LightningBall stamina cost reduced from 3 to 2, damage increased from 40 to 45
-Skill LightningStrike mana cost reduced from 25 to 15
-Skill Sightless stamina cost increased from 0 to 5
-Halved Blast force (knockups) on Dirtball, Fireball and Flameblast except on self, which they will remain the same.

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-Revamped entire GUI / added skill bars, also revamped chat boxes
-Fixed problems with setting mouse sensitivities
-Fixed a couple of bugs with Flameblast blowing up in your face as soon as you shoot it
-Fixed a lot of bugs with resolution switching as well as switching between windowed/fullscreen mode
-Added challenge icon to keybinds
-Other changes I don't remember because my cat sat on top of my pc and turned it off before I saved this post the first time

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-Fixed a lot of minor bugs concerning the new GUI bars
-Fixed a back damage bug, back damage should be more consistent/accurate now
-Back damaged lowered from 2x to 1.3x (was only 2x for testing, which I forgot to change back)
-Removed need for move handle on chat boxes, can now be moved by dragging anywhere in the output area
-Fixed issue with saving player data properly on exit
-Fixed leaderboard bug which showed players without stats

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-Fixed the last of (hopefully) bugs pertaining to fullscreen/windowed mode on startup
-Switched to DX11 rendering from DX9
-Cleaned up a lot of stray, unused UI graphics, and batched all remaining UI graphics
-Fixed the row of pixels visible during crossfades between game states (updated Unity to 4.6.1p2)
-Updated visuals on HotAir
-Increased area of effect size on HotAir by 60%
-Updated visuals on Lightning Ball
-Fixed bug where AOEs were double-ticking
-Fixed bug where resizing system message or chat window would resize both on next restart
-Fixed avatar pedestal, got rid of awkward slider to rotate, drag to rotate instead now
-Cleaned up Rehab, fixed bug that would not destroy it's casting gameobject after it's done.
-Updated visuals on Nor'Easter and increased AOE by 40%
-Added more Avatar options

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-Fixed hit sound on AOEs, they were playing at the wrong times to the wrong players
-Fixed a case where a player would be killed, but would still live (untested, may very well not be the fix)
-Fixed bug introduced in 0.5.5 which made all the icons on the keybinds invisible until moved
-Added system messages with reason when you attempt to cast something but can't (cooldown, insufficient stats, etc)
-Added cooldown remaining readouts to top right corner of each skill (can be toggled)
-Fixed kill msg not being displayed in some situations for AOEs.
-Fixed the case where a stat container of the person you were looking at while killed stayed on the screen
-Fixed scrollbar step on system messages
-Added Reset All button on Account menu which will reset all player prefs including all GUI positions, keybinds, etc.

After a good playtest last night, the stam consumption still needs work. General consensus is that Stam and Mana still get chomped up too fast. It will be interesting to see the differences the following changes make:

Dirtball - lowered tick stamina damage from 3x5 to 3x2. Mana cost lowered to 8 from 12
Flameblast - lowered stamina damage from 5 to 3.
HealSelf - lowered stamina usage from 5 to 2.
HotAir - changed tick damage from Stamina to Health (3)
Lightning Ball - removed Stamina tick drain (5), mana cost lowered from 5 to 3
Lightning Strike - removed Stamina tick drain (6). Mana cost lowered from 15 to 10. Cooldown lowered from 5 to 4.
Nor'Easter - increased stamina cost from 3 to 5, increased mana cost from 20 to 25. Increased cooldown from 20 to 25.
Rehab - increased ticks from 5 to 6 on both Mana and Stamina. Decreased Mana cost from 20 to 8. Added stamina cost of 8.
Sightless - increased cooldown from 20 to 25
Mana and Stamina Potion buffed 5 from 20 to 25 on initial tick

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-Fixed chat; caret should always appear, and should also work in play mode as well as paused and not disrupt play
-Fixed flicker/disappearing body parts in first person
-Removed highlight on avatars, deemed unnecessary
-Updated visuals on Lightning Ball
-Fixed yet another bug with windowed mode/full screen
-Fixed keybinding problems with some resolutions
-Fixed a couple of NullRef bugs when dying due to the camera changing after death
-Fixed a bug with melee hits sent RPC to all players, when it's only necessary to send to player being hit (also fixes the sound being played on all clients)
-Hopefully addressed tick damage hit sounds being audible to 3rd parties (who are neither the caster of person being hit)
-Fixed knockups & gravity shifts (HotAir) being multiplied by the number of players on the server... (semi-experimental)
To compensate for the change, all knockup strengths were doubled (which keeps them the same as it was with 2 people previously).
-Chat and System weren't remembering their positions session to session
-Add scale controls for Chat and System to the GUI Options panel (when game paused)
-Fixed a bug with blocking that would cause constant diminishing tick damage if you hold block after being hit
-Disabled console for now, it was on tilde which some people like to use as a bind key, and it's not very useful anyway
-Fixed missing melee kill msg
-Fixed cooldowns not clearing after death, and also another minor visual bug concerning them
-New avatar pedestal

Finally got Unity Pro ~
-Implemented LOD (level of detail and culling) on a lot of assets
-Implemented static batching on a lot of assets
This should result in a 25%+ performance boost

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-Fixed NulRef exception on some projectile impacts which would unfortunately result in the spell not doing damage or applying a knock-up
-Fixed more chat enable/disable bugs! I think I finally got them all!
-Fixed flicker when switching between Playmode and GUI Mode

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-Fixed bug with leaderboard which was resulting in no entries
-Fixed leaderboard bug whereas if you change your name, your name on the leaderboard would not follow
-Fixed some nullref exceptions that popped up this morning while 5+ were online
-Fixed pot cooldowns. When you drink one, it wasn't putting the other two on cooldown, which meant you could chug all 3 every 45 seconds!
-Fixed field of view - I was calculating it wrong, and as a result is was extremely wide. Now it's a more reasonable 120!
-Fixed mouse leaving window area (please report if still happens)
-Fixed W/S scrolling Chat window text - hopefully that fixes some other chat bugs people are reporting
-Crosshair resolution was doubled (size is the same) so it will look sharper at higher resolutions
-Fixed bug with cooldown number not appearing on the selected skill indicator
-Changed the visual casted effects of transfers to 1/2 alpha
-Changed Dirtball visual casting effect to be local, meaning it won't trail behind/infront of you and block your view. Also halved the particle lifetime.
-Added ping and fps readouts under GUI Options in GUI mode.
-Added option to hide chat/system in play mode.
-Adjusted 3rd person cameras to match to compensate for new FOV
-Fixed Lightning Strike stray particles
-Added bloody screen to melee hits for more player feedback
-Fixed some hit system readout issues with melee
-Revamped the code having to do with dying/killing. Fixed some bugs with scoring kills/deaths, system messages, sounds being played odd etc.
-Busted out my axe and chopped down some trees to open the map up a bit more
-Made some other changes to the map
-Raised ambient lighting some more to alleviate nighttime blindness a bit more
-Shortened particle lifetime of rehab and set particle opacity to 50%
-Increased forward movement speed by 5%
-Increased strafe movement speed by 10%

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So 0.5.9 was a total fail,

So 0.5.9 was a total fail, and 0.6.0 wasn't much better. But there was still fun to be had anyway. *shutters* Going to try not to do that again. ETA tuesday PM


-Fixed double death messages for killing yourself, and also having it say "Dest Locke killed Dest Locke!"
-Fixed bug that prevented respawning after death. By "bug" I mean i commented out 1 line for no apparent reason!
-Fixed keybinding issues with modifier keys not properly firing. All modifiers (left and right) should be good to go now.
-Fixed missing system messages on all self spells and AOEs
-Fixed two spots where you could glitch into walls
-Fixed overlapping floors creating flicker on the new hilltop arena
-Decreased chat and system histories significantly (25 now) in an attempt to diagnose strange chat bugs after a while of being in game.
-Fixed bug: no system messages for HotAir. Was also ignoring the dueling flag
-Fixed skill switching bug which would make in-progress skills disappear on impact
-Fixed fireball casting, it wouldn't get destroyed after being deactivated (in code), which was essentially a memory leak
-Fixed AOE sounds playing at wrong times.
-Fixed W/S scroll on System Messages
-Can no longer block with 0 stamina.. you need at least 2.
-Can no longer jump when you have less stamina than is required
-Noreaster cooldown increased 20%
-Net gain from transfers raised 14%
-Hotair cast time cut from 2.5s to 1s
-Fireball cooldown doubled (from 1.5 to 3)
-Doubled stamina consumption rate when blocking
-Melee screams will now emit from the player getting hit and will play for everyone not just the guy getting hit
-Death sound should play on right player at right time now to all other players

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0.6.2 ~~ ETA: 1/16 late afternoon EST

-Added the tech for supporting different regions . You specify your region on the Account screen. This will effect the master lobby you join. I'll leave this on for testing, but for the time being, when not testing, try to stick to US since there aren't a lot of players playing consistently. In the future, perhaps I'll make it easier to pop between regions from the lobby directly.

Here's my pings for the supported regions (I'm east coast US): US - 50, EU - 118, JP - 198, ASIA - 270, AU - 321

-Changed to a Generic rig on the player model, which means the animations will look a little better
-Fixed an issue with projectiles hitting yourself in 3rd person. Your own projectiles will no longer collide with yourself (doesn't change self knockups because that's from the impact of the projectile with the ground)
-Fixed hit sounds from projectiles - they were being played on the receiver, not the caster.
-NEW SKILL: Scarce - make yourself scarce with this utility self-movement blast
-Fixed some skills not being cleaned up after use (Lightning Strike and Rehab) which over time could contribute to decreased performance
-Made an animation tweak, more to come
-New moon (changed it to a texture based sphere instead of a lot of particles.. performance FTW)
-Another attempt at fixing death sounds playing when not actually dying. (still might not do the trick due to syncing issues)
-Fixed a bug with erroneous death sounds being playing on other players positions
-Small clear buttons next to the titles of the chat and system messages.
-Implemented the tech for skills to have regen modifying capabilities. This will enable skills to effect regeneration rates.
-NEW SKILL: Food - increase regeneration rate for 1 minute, 2 minute cooldown. (regen rate from 1 to 1.25) Not huge, but worth remembering!
-Few new avatar ornaments
-Increased direct hit damage of fireball from 35 to 40
-Fixed a bug with the active skill cooldown indicator sometimes displaying the wrong thing

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0.6.3 - ETA 1/22 PM



-Reworked Dirtball, no more knock-up, has vision-impairment effect (3 seconds @ direct hit). Lowered damage from 40 to 30, increased cooldown from 1.5 to 5. Also updated particle effect, added collision to particles (looks pretty cool)
-Nor'Easter has been nerfed. Reduced health tick amount by 50%, stamina by 60% and mana by 60% (5,4,4 from 10,10,10). To compensate for the nerf, projectile speed was increased 58%.
-Food was giving more regen than intended, it was 2.25x rather than 1.25x
-Fixed Food giving the same amount of Mana as a mana potion in addition to the increased regen rate.
-Adjusted dampening to 2x on second half (coming down) jump. What this means is the jump will feel more solid/less floaty.
-Decreased melee damage from 40 (front) to 35
-Increased all movement by 5%


-Fixed cooldown on Food getting cut off due to being 3 characters long when over 100
-Fixed cooldowns not counting down on skillbars unless they are selected
-Fixed case in which LightningStrike would not clean up after itself (aka memory leak)
-Fixed issue with "You've been disconnected" error appeared when you leave a room (and aren't disconnected)
-Fixed some animation bugs having to do with the new rigging (and the masks resetting) which was causing some jerkiness.
-Fixed cooldown bugs on skill indicator showing other skills cooldowns visually. All this should be settled now.
-Watermark will no longer block movement of UI elements (it's sent to the back when game is in GUI mode)
-Fixed bug with camera spinning after each death faster and faster
-Fixed bug with no head after death when the camera switches to 3rd person (if you play first person)
-Fixed issue with mouse being locked after being DC'd from a game


-Changed lightning ball's particle effect to local space, I was testing world space and forgot to change it back
-Every kill and death (not just duels) will now count towards the global leaderboard, and I'll clear it out when the patch goes live.
-Added mouse invert checkbox to keybinds page
-Added admin commands to change timescale (slow-mo/speed-up) as well as ability to change overall movement speeds while playing (for testing).
-Streamlined connected/disconnected messages and sounds playing when those events happen
-All players should now hear melee swings, which will help identify when someone is trying to sticky back you
-Implemented basic XP system, which the leaderboard will be ordered by. XP will be accumulated by getting kills, and lost by dying (a small amount).
-New action for toggle GUI (F10 default)
-Increased respawn time to 5 seconds, show room scoreboard after 2.5s for 2.5s
-Pushing foward after jumping no longer influences your jump
-Several icons graphic updated
-Applied inherent velocity to projectile particle systems, so they look more solid without long trails (such as was the case with fireball, at least)
-Add differentiation between knock-ups (airborne) and jump so I can treat them slightly differently to get rid of the "floaty jump" feeling.
-Implemented a binary patcher - No more having to download new builds, and I can finally start calling them Patches, not Builds. :) Barring any errors, 0.6.3 will be the last full build you ever need to download.
-Updated logo
-Added melee blood splatter
-New button, resizing will be next
-Shrunk sphere size of Sightless, it was way too big for the actual size of it, causing it to hit the ground before it should.
-Added invisible boundaries at edges of the map, no more falling off!
-Updated particle effect textures on Fireball

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-Fixed tilde bringing up debug console
-Fixed dirtball blind being sent to all clients when you hit yourself
-Fixed password protected room key graphic
-Added cancel skill use/cast bind
-Fiddled with dirtball particle effect some more
-Fixed dirtball casting visual being hidden
-Updated fireball and fireblast casting visuals
-Added bind icon for Rest
-Updated logo visuals
-Fixed edge case with deleting bar / joining room throwing an exception
-Fixed bug with quality setting / vsync firing off in GUI/Chat mode
-Reduced size of room listing font
-Made projectiles immune to hitting yourself only for the first second (so they don't blow up in your face). So if you shoot straight up, when it comes back down, it will now hit you instead of "roll off", which was never a desired mechanic to begin with.
-Chat fix (I hope) for caret not coming up when hitting your chat key.
-Chat fix for being able to use certain skills while in chat mode.
-Fixed bug which would effect new installs where Scarce and Food would not be bindable. After patching, you should once again be able to set these binds.
-Fixed bug with camera bind overwriting any other modifier binds on the same key
-Fixed melee swing bug; no more hitting yourself in the face!
-Removed Shift-tab photon stats
-Increased sightless speed 2x

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-Added head as bend joint when bending over/backwards to include half head / half spine rather than all spine. This makes it look much more natural.
-Added Yank skill
-Removed Stam/Mana from ID other

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-Fixed Yank not costing anything to cast. It's now 5 mana / 5 stamina
-Updated patcher version, hopefully it will solve some of the problems
-Increased time to fadeout on Dirtball blind by 2 seconds
-Fixed Yank description
-Fixed AOEs blocking rays from hitting players within them
-Fixed join/leave sound not playing on the correct local player position
-Revamped base window class for GUI elements to limit the bounds of being able to move GUI elements to the edges of the screen regardless of scale, size or screen resolution! No more lost windows!
-Fixed some animation glitches that were causing upward shots to not shoot directly down the middle
-Switched LightningStrike collision detection solely to the shooter's side. What this means is, there will no longer be "i hit but didn't" or differentiating damage between shooter and receiver. If this works well, I will proceed with the rest of the skills.
-Greatly enhanced camera man controls (currently admin only)
-Resorted to out of the box GUI with patching system to see if problems persist.
-Decreased the doppler effect on all sounds by 66%. There was entirely too much of this going on
-Fixed scarce being somewhat unreliable on rocks/things with irregular mesh colliders

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This will be possibly the biggest patch to date, in terms of functionality changes and additions. Expect bumps!

- Blocked damage not reflected visually in system messages.
- Other system message inaccuracies are possible. I need to rewrite the system that handles system messages to be more robust. Just didn't want to get into it today.


-Fixed draw distance on some tombstones
-Fixed modifier keys honoring Activate (aka left click), I suppose it's possible that a player would want to use Shift-Click to cast, but it's not likely.
-Brightened texture colors on grass
-Adjusted fog level and a couple of other visual effects, also applied to day/night cycle
-Fixed cameraman hiding character not being RPC'd to other clients
-Prop changes around the arena
-Applied same network treatment to Yank as was done to Lightning Strike, more to come.
-Fixed Yank physics
-Changed melee damage from 35 to 30. Added back damage @ 1.35% (40.5)
-Changed the way melee hits, it used to be a ray from mid-section to forward (center screen). In third person this created some pretty shitty results. Now it's camera to center screen. The result is much better melee detection in 3rd person.
-Added the tech for an after casted cooldown (before you can cast any other spell). Right now you can cast your next spell instantly after your last, which makes a ray combo extra ouch. I'm not ready to commit to actually activating any particular value however, and I might make it a per-skill thing so I could target rays specifically. "Paperdoll locks" were the worst, and essentially, that's what it meant.
-Increased the speed of the running animation by 20%. Not the actual run speed, just the speed that the animation plays when running. It was a little off.
-Fixed bug with other player's stat bar staying on the screen after you die
-Fixed bug with region setting not saving properly (it was being overwritten by max players setting on create a room)
-Fixed chat window not loading scale properly (was being overwritten by SensitivityX slider when cloned it)
-Raised resolution of mouse sensitivity by a power of 10
-Fixed multiple bugs with regions - AU and JP were mapped wrong; also your region wouldn't load on start-up until you went to the Account menu.
-Fixed bug that made it so you couldn't bind a key to just Shift
-Implemented entire Party system. Two new bindable Actions, Party Invite and Drop Party. Must be party leader to invite others.
-Implemented showing Health bars of all people in party, as well as updating when people drop/added to party
-Party system Party icons implemented, with the same functionality as Health bars of party members.
-Updated GUI functions on skillbars, now with +/- buttons for slots and a rotate button for orientation
-Implemented new avatar head
-Applied same network treatment on all projectile spells as was done on LightningStrike.
-Decreased direct hit radius of Flameblast by 33%.
-Increased splash (not direct hit) knockup on Flameblast by 100%
-Changed casting time bar to fill up instead of empty, and from left to right.. like some other game once was.
-Lightning Strike cooldown increased from 4s to 6s
-Tied XP into the avatar system. Now you will need a varying minimum amount of XP to use certain Avatar ornaments. Naturally since they didn't have requirements previously, some players will have avatars that they don't have the XP to use. No big deal.
-I've gone with a global "casted" cooldown of 0.25f. Which means no more instantly casting a ray after a lightning ball for a double hit. Autocast/queued abilities should continue to work just the same. Would love some feedback on this.. too little/much ?
-Fixed bug with leaderboard repainting constantly when shown inbetween deaths and spamming the database
-Fixed some bugs with cooldowns and skill selection not being cleared properly upon death/respawn.
-Changed the way characters respawn. No longer is your character actually destroyed and recreated, it is now just has it's properties "reset". This will open the door to rez or release in future.
-Fixed inconsistent melee readouts and damage. There's still issues concerning "swinging thru" the front collider and getting a back hit if you stand right up against a player, and vice versa (swinging thru back and getting a front hit)
-Lowered Range of Lightning Strike and Remedy (the new healing ray) by 25%
-Increased Range of Yank by 25%
-Fixed bug with clearing chat and system windows that would then only display one line
-Increased volume of melee swing sounds

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-Fixed issue which was preventing skills from loading properly at at startup
-Fixed issue where cooldown number on selected skill icon would not show
-Changed conflicted default binds for party invite and drop party.
-Fixed bug with leaving room in a party and it still thinking you are in a party when you join another room
-Fixed keybinding issue with being able to bind to double modifier keys
-Added an unbound area to bindings, where any newly added skills will end up if their default key is already bound to something
-Fixed bug where you could resize bar past bottom of screen and end up with unusable bar
-Fixed everyone getting message for someone dropping party, even those not in party.
-Fixed Yank using no stats
-Fixed bounding boxes on several UI elements so they conform to the edges of the screen a little better
-Fixed missing XP/Req readouts on Avatar screen. It was a resolution issue and me clipping fonts too closely; if they are too big for the bounding box i specify, they just don't display.
-Fixed Yank and Remedy from being able to go thru walls. Left Lightning strike as being able to go thru walls for now
-Fixed being able to ID people thru walls
-Fixed performance issue with Dirtball particle system!
-Changed Dirtball blinding graphic.
-Fixed respawning with the last thing you casted/effects you had on you when you died
-Moved party invite window to the left side and condensed it


-Reduced screen shake on both Fireball and Flameblast. Now quicker and less chaotic.
-Reduced Flameblast's blast force by 10%, and reduced it's splash blast modifier by 25% (knock-up strength, basically). Blast Radius remains the same which is 33% larger than Fireball.
-Reduced direct hit collider on Flameblast by 10% in size
-Reduced health damage of Flameblast from 65 to 50 in the face.
-Increased stamina damage of Flameblast from 3 to 5.
-Reduced Lightning Ball health damage from 45 to 40
-Increased Lightning Ball stamina damage from 0 to 5.
-Lightning Strike now shoots thru walls/rocks/etc
-Lightning Strike damage was lowered 24%
-Increased blast radius on Dirtball by 33%
-Remedy reduced to 25 from 35 on impact and and 4 from 5 on ticks after (back hits still in)

Known Issues:
- Blocked damage not reflected visually in system messages.
- Other system message inaccuracies are possible. I need to rewrite the system that handles system messages to be more robust. Just didn't want to get into it today.
- Melee hits go thru front to get back hits from front and vice-versa
- Can ID player thru walls. Not rushing to fix this, it's actually pretty hard to ID people once you make it real restrictive. Gonna wait for a better solution.
- Enemy ID alpha slider doesn't work
- When you change your name, it should reflect on the leaderboard after your next kill or death

DestLocke's picture
Joined: 11/07/2014 - 09:19


Today's patch should go smoothly, but you never know. I changed a lot behind the scenes, so it's possible that some new bugs crop up. The new camera view along with new field of view control should improve the feel the game for those who prefer a more pure first-person FPS type feel. The FOV has been probably wider than original DF, so now you can adjust it yourself as you see fit. Nagging input bind bug was fixed also. I'm not caching players YET, so load lag still may occur for some.

-Cleaned up spawning/despawning of effects, also now cache Skills, so there is no instantiating once you load into the game. This is also in prep for caching players, to eliminate load lag.
-Implemented "True First Person" camera, no head bob etc. Right now, it's just the staff you can see, the rest of the body is hidden. It'll do for now.
-Fixed dirtball not blinding others and implemented better blinding effect
-Fixed input binds not saving on Shift/other modifier keys. This bug occurred when you had a key bound to a non-modified key and a modified key. The check on startup was not taking under consideration binds, so it would reset one of them. Now only exact matching binds will be thrown into the unbound pool (in the case that a new skill's default bind matches one of your existing binds)
-Sharpened text on system and chat, also fixed chat default scale (nope, had to change this back, there is a bug with Unity GUI that doesn't scale the text properly)
-Added Misc options box on pause with camera field of view slider
-Added 6 new helmets
-Expanded on backhit hitbox to work better
-Fixed rays hitting "thru" people to the back from the front/ front from back, or past them entirely
-Remedy should now be better at hitting people
-Fixed bug with party opacity bars and other UI components not being hidden in play mode
-Forward, back and strafe speeds raised 10% - as always, these are easy to change, again and again.
-Fix for having something equipped you don't have the XP for. Retro-active, sorry Skull head people!


-Increased dirtball cooldown from 5s to 9s
-Increased blinding effect duration to 0.5s fade-in, 4.5s full-alpha, 1s fade-out from maybe 3s total fadein/fadeout
-Lowered Mana cost of Flameblast from 20%
-Cut Remedy Casting time by 50%
-Increased Remedy range 38%

DestLocke's picture
Joined: 11/07/2014 - 09:19


-Fixed self rays in True 1st person
-Fixed sound and visual mismatches when firing a projectile, then switching to another spell
-Fixed weapons not being able to be colored, fixed invisible Silverfox hair. Last hair still broken.
-Improved ray effects
-Fixed blank ingame keybind image for unbound
-Fixed all shadow issues with camera views


-Increased dirtball cooldown from 9s to 18s
-Increased sightless cooldown from 25s to 30s

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